Dave Sonntag, PhD, Lt Col, USAF (Ret)

Visiting Scholar, THz Sensors Group, Physics Department, Wright State University

I have recently retired from the Air Force, after 23 years as an active-duty Biomedical Sciences Corps Officer (Lt Col).

My career as a Bioenvironmental Engineer has encompassed:

– Medical Intelligence
– Biological Technologies, especially biologically-inspired advanced sensors.
– Public Health Informatics/Big Data
– International R&D Management
– Biomarker development
– Industrial Hygiene/Toxicology

My CV is located here.

I am working in the Terahertz Sensors Lab, developing new proposals for physical computing, the Internet of Things, but especially at the nano-bio-information nexus.

My most recent program management experience was as Deputy Director for the Air Force Office of Scientific Research’s Tokyo detachment, from 2006-2011. While there we funded some ground-breaking work at Japan’s National Institute of Material Science, studying “Information Processing in Single Microtubules.” My old blog is still up, and the last entry describes a workshop we helped organize at Google, on Quantum Biology. P.W. Singer describes my Tokyo tech-discovery duties in his excellent book, Wired For War.

This video shows how the “resonance chain” observations from microtubules were scaled and used to create a nanowire, with driven self-assembly of nano-scale dendrimers, whose vibrational properties were tuned with functional group attachments, and driven Alternating Current at specific resonant frequencies. You can see formation of a neuron-like network of nanowires at macro-scale, and then how that network is able to have complex biological rhythms imprinted and read out as a function of surface dielectric. Very cool stuff!

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