Touching Viruses

Because the lab I’m a visiting scientist in has funding from NSF to develop new THz methods for detecting viruses and spores, I’ve been reviewing what’s happened in the 25 years since I last studied virology. Vince Racaniello’s online course and weekly podcast are awesome resources.

As a molecular toxicology guy, I used a number of virology-based tools and assays to study the impact of heavy metals on DNA. More recently as a program manager for AFOSR in Tokyo, I supported a lot of research at the nano-bio-info-cognitive nexus.

When you start looking at things on the nano-scale, then they really start to get interesting. Viruses are great examples of how nature has designed bottom-up nanotech, so expect to see a lot of updates from the CETAS realm touching viruses.

Just don’t stuck your finger in your nose after touching them.

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